Most importantly roller shutters are a great visual deterrent and physical barrier. UNIQ Roller Shutters offers a UNIQ locking system providing additional security against forced intrusion. Our roller shutters provide weather protection as the PU foam insulation inside the roller shutters provides increased protection against the warmer and cooler seasons.


This provides great cost and energy savings by blocking out the harsh Australian weather and keeping the internal temperature regulated. Our roller shutters provide noise reduction which have an advanced benefit of blocking out noise by up to 50% , achieved through the additional insulating properties. It acts as a barrier to minimise the transfer of noise and vibrations from the external environment.

Another great benefit of our roller shutters is that they provide you with cost savings on your energy bills and minimise the effect on the environment assisting to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint.

Roller shutters are a barrier against the heat and ashes of a fire. The heat of a fire can cause glass windows to shatter allowing fire to spread more easily.

Our roller shutters are guaranteed to offer you optimum privacy to your home or business allowing you to monitor and regulate how you choose to use your roller shutters. This allows you to have ultimate choice on the level of lighting you would like to have in the room additionally offering you the choice to block out the harmful UV rays during the warmer months.



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