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Do you always feel that your neighbourhood is swarmed with bees and mosquitoes and you cannot even sleep properly? Have you recently called the city council for this problem and have also tried to fumigate your house but nothing seems to help? Well, now all your worries are over because Uniq Roller Shutters can help you get rid of tiny unwanted guests through its variety of security window screens and fly screens in Melbourne. How amazing would it be to have fly screens installed in your Melbourne home?

Security Window Screens

At Uniq Roller Shutters, we offer a huge range of security window screens and fly screens in Melbourne. The range comprises of:

Retractable Fly Screens

It is an amazing choice where you cannot fit a door or a hinged window. They act as barrier to small insects but also allow for an unobstructed view from within. Now you can easily see your kids playing in your backyard while you work in the kitchen. These are made with light aluminium and can easily be coloured to blend in with your door and rest of the house.

Magnetic Fly Screens

These fly screens are an ideal choice for those who do not want foreign matter inside but would occasionally want a fresh breeze to re-energize the room. The fly screens need to be put on the inside so they can be easily pulled off but hold a firm grip due to the interlocking clips. It is made with 12 mm PVC.

Window Fall Prevention Kid Screens

These are similar to regular fly screens in Melbourne but are coated with heavy PVC gauge Polyester mesh and are expensive than regular ones.

Security Window Screens

If you neighbourhood has a record of break-ins then you should put up these.

Diamond Grilles Windows:

It is an amazing addition to your house as well as a commercial place. These combine the benefits of a security screen and fly screen. It comes in 7 mm, A 127, A 117, A 105 and A 227 diamond shapes.

INVISI-Gard Stainless Steel Grilles:

These are made with 316 Grade Marine Stainless Steel mesh and aluminium framing. The name itself suggests that the mesh is invisible to provide a clear view.

INIVISI-SCAPE Emergency Security Screens:

These are particularly useful where you need to escape a fire and are simple to operate with a keyless, one hand unlocking system. Made of the same material as INVISI-Gard however the frame is heavier.

Steel Bar Patterns:

These are an addition to your window and act as a strong barrier for intruders.

You have a variety of mesh options:

All meshes are available in a variety of colours.

At Uniq Roller Shutters, we provide professional and hassle free installation of security window screens and fly screens in Melbourne at reasonable prices. We assure that quality will not be compromised.

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