Product Range

Domestic & Commercial Roller Shutters


Domestic Roller Shutters

  • Our products are manufactured to the highest
    quality meeting Australian Standards.
  • Our roller shutters are:
    • 100% aluminium which ensures that
      they are rust free
    • Polyurethane filled insulated for heat
      and noise reduction
    • Baked enamel finish providing a guaranteed
      colour that is fade resistant and will last
    • Profile designed for maximum strength and durability

Commercial Roller Shutters
Custom made for any requirement Our products are:

  • Compliant to Australian Standards
  • Fire resistant – tested by CSIRO,
    (BAL A40)
  • Wind resistant
  • Offer optional wind locks
  • Suitable for large span openings
  • Heavy duty material with extruded profile


Plantation Shutters


  • Product range including locally and internationally specific manufactured designs
  • Option of fixed, bi-folding, sliding and swing-open
  • Option of Basswood and PVC (specialised for wet areas)
  • Optional pull rod or hidden rod
  • Custom made to measure

Roller Blinds

  • Extensive product range and designs
  • Option of E-Screen, M-screen, shear weave, block out and many more
  • Option of single or dual bracket mechanism
  • Option of PVC chain or stainless steel
  • Chain holders provided as a child safety feature
  • Option of oval or round base rail in a range of colours
  • Option of front rolling or back rolling mechanism
  • Fully adjustable and retractable
  • Custom made to measure

Slider-track Blinds

  • Fully adjustable and retractable
  • Protects against harsh outdoor climate
  • Option of clear and tint protecting against the harsh UV rays of the Australian climate
  • Custom made to measure

Awning Blinds

  • Fully adjustable and retractable
  • Vast range of colours and designs
  • Allows for block out of harsh outdoor climate including UV rays
  • Custom made to measure

Security Doors

  • Great range of designs and colours
  • Option of Colonial Castings panel doors
  • Option of privacy screens (DVA) and fibreglass insect screen
  • Option of toughened mesh, stainless and galvanised steel
  • Custom made to measure

Security Grills

  • Great range of designs and colours
  • Option of privacy screens (DVA) and fibreglass insect screen
  • Option of toughened mesh and stainless steel
  • Custom made to measure


  • Vast colour range
  • Custom made to measure

Uniq Roller Shutters ?


Most importantly roller shutters are a great visual deterrent and physical barrier. UNIQ Roller Shutters offers a unique locking system providing additional security against forced intrusion. Weather protection –

  • Specialise in both indoor and outdoor window furnishings.
  • Offer a vast product range
  • Premium service at genuine prices
  • Provide quality installation and repairs
  • A standard of service which adheres to Australian Building Standards

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