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How does it feel when someone peeks inside your house or keeps an eye on you all the time, even when you are asleep or changing clothes? Do you feel that roller blinds add a touch of elegance and warmth to commercial space like offices, coffee shops etc.? If you are moving into your new pad and you do not want anyone to meddle in your business then why not buy some roller blinds inMelbourne from Uniq Roller Shutters.

Melbournians, like all Australians love their privacy and therefore, you can say that roller blinds are a staple addition to the Australian home décor. Uniq Roller Shutters offers an expectable customer service and professional installations in Melbourne.

Our range of roller blinds in Melbourne includes:

Classic Roller Blinds (Holland Blinds): With Uniq Roller Shutter’s myriad of exclusive designer fabrics, textures and colours, your mood will be lively and cheerful all day. These are available with a plastic or metal chain that works through an aluminium tube.

Sunscreen Blinds: These are see-through day blinds for that amazing view of the garden you want from indoors.

Block Out Blinds: These cost effective blinds are used for light control as well as privacy. They are low maintenance, easy to operate and hold insulation properties.

Light Filter/Translucent Blinds: These come in a standard anodized silver base rail with matching end caps. The blinds do not allow vision but filter light for that amazing light that brightens up your room in the morning.

Remote Control Blinds: Save your time with remote control blinds to make your life much easier.

Roman Blinds: These are available in patterned fabric with aluminium back battens. Roman blinds will colour your space formal so you will have a well-defined work place to think. The range comes with three lock options; Chain driven lock, touch system and deluxe cord lock.

>> Block Out Blinds
>> Light Filter / Translucent Blinds

Vertical Blinds: It consists of chainless slats with weights sewn in and are controlled by a wand or cord system. These are even perfect for doors.

>> Block Out Blinds

Venetian Blinds: These come in a single large piece and are hole less or with visible punched holes.

>> Slim line Aluminium Blinds

>> PVC Timber like Blinds (Cedar, Vision wood & Painted Basswood)

Panel Glide Blinds: These are ultra-modern solutions for bifolds and sliding doors as well as windows.

Twin Blinds: These are a combination of dim out and translucent fabric in one. These are controlled by chains and evenly roll up into a box for an uninterrupted view.

Honeycomb Blinds

It is a great insulator, UV blocker and regulates temperature for any season. These are operated with cords.

Dual Blinds: This ultra-modern blind combines the benefits of a light filter blind and block out blind and has powder coated fabrics and smooth & sealed edges.

D.I.Y Blinds: Here, you can choose the fabric, colour, control system and several other features of your roller blinds in Melbourne to suit your home décor.

Uniq Roller Shutters offers you spectacular fabric and colour choices for roller blinds inMelbourne. We also offer fit-in blinds and free hanging blinds.

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