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Security Doors Melbourne

Do you want an extra level of security for your home entrance? What do you think will best fit that comes under a budget and still provides you enough security? Do you want to be able to constantly keep a watch on your kids while they play out on the street? Whatever your reasons might be, Uniq Roller Shutters brings its customers sturdy and durable, screen doors and security doors in Melbourne.


Do you know that screen doors and security doors in Melbourne are a great layer of security to keep your intruders outside and let you identify them before you open the doors? The robust material and well-structured framework prevents from any damage caused to the door or the screen itself.


Uniq Roller Shutters offers a number of screening options for screen and security doors in Melbourne. We provide you with reliable mesh screens that you can trust. We make use of Screw-Clamp™ devices to screw the mesh into an aluminium frame and clamp it. We promise quality with our mesh screens because they are made up of structural grade 304-stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and possess high-energy absorption qualities that help prevent from jerks than 316-grade stainless steel. However, we offer both materials to our customers. All our screens have passed Australian quality and standard tests to provide you with a safe and reliable product. Our locally fabricated, mesh screens are either galvanized or stainless steel and both are suitable as security screens.


Screen Doors Melbourne

We also provide an array of colour choices for screen doors in Melbourne.

Uniq Roller Shutters also offers several options in security doors in Melbourne.


Designer Security Doors:Our designer security doors are of a wide frame of 70 mm and are fitted with your choice of steel grille or colonial casting iron grille. These designer doors also come with a triple door lock. They are available in a variety of designs and colours.

Diamond Grille Doors:Our diamond grille security doors in Melbourne are of two types. These include single and decorative diamond grille, which are 7 mm in thickness and come in a variety of base colours.

Steel Doors:Steel doors are strong security solutions as they are made up of steel and have an extra layer of security, i.e. steel grilles. You can also opt for grilles in an aluminium door frame and come in a variety of designs including Parkwood, Oxford, and Sherwood etc.

Sliding Security Doors:We also provide with stacker and sliding doors that can be installed with grilles or perforated mesh and also offer colour options.


At Uniq Roller Shutters, security doors and screen doors in Melbourne are installed using high-tech equipment to give you years of satisfaction and a secure home. With Unique Roller Shutters, you will be safe from insects as well as uninvited guests.

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